Accessing The Woomera Prohibited Area For Work

Permit holders must seek Defence's approval for people to access their tenements in the WPA:

  • Employees, contractors and visitors must have Approved Person or Escorted Person status under Defence's legislation
  • An Approved Person application or Escorted Person notification must be completed and submitted for approval or notification
  • An Access notification must also be submitted by the permit holder before any people enter the WPA

Whether you require approved or escorted persons status will depend on the amount of time you expect to spend in the WPA, and whether you will be accompanied at all times. The permit holder will ask you to complete the required form.

If you need to access the WPA regularly for work as an employee or contractor, the permit holder must seek permission for you as an Approved Person. This allows you to enter the WPA for up to 2 years from the date of your application being approved. Approved Person status will cease when you are no longer employed or engaged by the permit holder.

Provide identity documents and personal details

As part of your application, you need to include a scan or photo of your photo ID. If you weren't born in Australia, you need to tell Defence the date you arrived in Australia.

Tell Defence who you will be working for in the WPA

You need to tell Defence which company or business employs you. Questions about who is contracting your company or business are further down in the form.

Tell Defence where you have worked or studied for the last two years

Include any companies or businesses you have worked for. If you have been self-employed, or unemployed, include these details.

Tell Defence about any time you have left Australia in the last two years

Include each time you left Australia separately. Try and be as accurate as possible with the dates you left and came back. If you can't remember the dates, looking at the dates of any photos you have on your phone or camera, or social media posts might help.

Give the form to the permit holder to send to Defence

Approved persons applications need to be sent to Defence by the company or business that holds the permit. This might not be the company or business you work for, but they will be able to tell you who needs to send the form in.

If you only need to access the WPA for a short and limited period, or need access on very short notice, Escorted Person status is probably all that is required. The permit holder must notify Defence of your Escorted Person status.

An Escorted Person must be supervised by an Approved Person at all times while in the WPA.

Escorted persons may access the WPA for up to 5 days in a 2 year period.

The permit holder may seek Approved Person status at any time, including while you hold Escorted Person status.