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Annual Report 2013-14

Feature articles

The Job Families Project

In 2011, the Defence Committee tasked a project office to develop content for the Defence APS Standard Classification of Occupation (DAPSSCO) codes. The office was established in May 2012. During 2013–14, it achieved the project requirements by developing a DAPSSCO profile for each of the 2,100 codes. Each DAPSSCO profile contains an approved APS classification, an occupation description, a duty statement, selection criteria based on the Australian Public Service Commission’s Integrated Leadership System, and Essential, Highly Desirable and Desirable learning and career development requirements based on the 70/20/10 learning principle.

In developing the content of each DAPSSCO profile, the Job Families Project conducted several hundred workshops, engaging more than 1,000 EL1 and EL2 APS subject matter experts across Defence. After further consultation, the profiles were approved by the relevant Job Family Sponsor and Deputy Secretary of the Defence People Group.

The DAPSSCO profiles are available for display, wider consultation and use via the Job Families intranet page and through Employee Self-Service in PMKeyS. The Job Families intranet page contains additional information on the project, using the profiles and the Job Family Business Rules.

The work of the Job Families Project has now become business as usual and has been embedded into the Workforce Supply team.