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HMAS Albatross

Located at Nowra on the South Coast of New South Wales, HMAS Albatross was commissioned on 31 August 1948 and over 40,000 Commonwealth service men and women have served at the Naval Air Station over the years. The Squadrons and aircraft operating at Albatross are:

  • 723SQN – B429 and EC135 helicopter;
  • 725SQN – MH-60R Seahawk helicopter;
  • 816SQN – MH-60R Seahawk helicopter;
  • 808SQN – MRH90 helicopter;
  • NUASU – Scaneagle and Camcopter UAV
  • CHC Search & Rescue – AW 139 helicopter
  • Parachute Training School (PTS) – Casa 212, C27J, C130 and C17 aircraft;
  • Defence civilian contracted aircraft, primarily Lear Jets;
  • Albatross Aero Club light aircraft;
  • Visiting aircraft – all ADF aircraft types;
  • Visiting aircraft –  foreign military aircraft types, and
  • Visiting aircraft –  other government and civillian aircraft ie, fire fighting, air ambulance