Palanterra is an operational AGO capability that provides a web-accessible strategic common operating picture. It enhances situational awareness by enabling multiple organisations to view and share information in a timely manner across a single picture. Access to a common view of a situation is critical to ensuring effective collaboration between Commonwealth and jurisdictional organisations.

Palanterra enables the spatial representation of information. It allows multiple organisations to view and share near-real time information and can ingest data from multiple web-accessible sources, including weather feeds, live cameras and event information, allowing any user to view an updated common operating picture almost instantly.

Following an extensive trial, AGO implemented Palanterra as an operational capability, and it now has over 400 users from more than 40 Australian Commonwealth and jurisdictional government organisations. It has been used to support numerous special security events, such as the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. It has also been widely used in support of disaster response situations, including the Queensland floods and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

For further information or to request an account, please contact (Australian government employees only).