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Joint Capabilities Group

ADF Warfare Training Centre

Australian Defence College Simulation Centre

Australian Defence College Simulation Centre

What We Do

The Australian Defence College (ADC) Simulation Centre provides simulation services and advice across the ADC.

Our Mission:
To provide excellence in simulation to support joint individual education and training (E&T) across ADC Learning Centres, and selected Defence customers, where it can achieve best effect by enhancing capabilities, reducing risks and saving resources.

Our Vision:
Simulation is an integrated capability within Learning Centres that enables ADC to lift the excellence of E&T outcomes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The activities of the Centre are guided by the ADC Simulation Board which consists of Learning Centre representatives.

Our Plan

The current ADC Simulation Guide and Plan 2016-2019 (available on request) support the realisation of the ADC Simulation Vision.

The Guide:
Provides a set of strategic goals/objectives and a development process the gives Learning Centres ownership of their projects.

The Plan:
Provides detail of Learning Centre projects/activities and links to the strategic goals/objectives.

Education and Training Solutions

Services delivered by the Centre or Projects on the Plan are diverse and fall into the following E&T application areas:

  • Part Task Training
  • Visualisation
  • Military Decision Making
  • Language & Culture
  • Leadership & Ethics

  • Who We Engage

    To provide innovative training solutions though the use of simulation and ensure best practice the Centre engages widely with Defence, academic institutions and simuation suppliers. Related research is undertaken through engagement with the University of Newcastle (UoN). The Centre has a Memorandom of Understanding(MOU) with the UoN to collaborate on research into the use of virtual simulation to support individual training.