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Joint Capabilities Group

ADF Warfare Training Centre

ADFWTC Welcome


Welcome to Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre

The Australian Defence Force Warfare Training Centre is responsible for the provision of joint individual training for the Australian Defence Organisation and selected other Government Agencies and foreign students. The Centre also assists with the training of joint headquarters staff for operations and is structured to provide job-specific training in the concepts of joint warfare. Approximately 30 courses, seminars or study periods are run during the year, reaching approximately one thousand students.

The learning journey for joint individual training commences with the Introduction to Joint Operations Course (IJO) which provides a foundational level of joint understanding and a baseline from which further joint concepts and specialist courses build.

The Joint Operations Planning Course (JOPC) extends upon the foundational knowledge of the IJO to develop a more detailed understanding of the planning of joint operations at the operational level. Supporting courses that are conducted in parallel with the JOPC include the Joint Logistics Planning Course, Joint Health Planning Course and the Joint Movements Planning Course.

To view the list of courses held at the ADFWC click here or on the Courses link in the navigation bar. Calls for nominations will normally be made 12 weeks before, and nominations close 8 weeks before, course start date. Queries with respect to calls for nominations are to be made to the appropriate Service paneling authority

The Australian Defence Force Warfare Training Centre is located at RAAF Base Williamtown, approximately 30 kilometers north of Newcastle, in New South Wales, Australia.