Conduct After Capture Training Support Services

All military operations and activities conducted overseas carry the risk that a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) may be captured, detained, interrogated and exploited by an adversary, threat group, foreign military or foreign government. Conduct After Capture (CAC) training, previously known as Resistance to Interrogation (RTI) training, is a Defence activity that prepares ADF personnel to understand the rigors of captivity and exploitation while surviving the capture situation with dignity.

Support services

There are services available to past participants of the Resistance to Interrogation and/or Conduct After Capture Training , including requesting of records pertaining to their participation.

Compensation and income support

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) serves veterans, war widows and widowers, serving and former Defence Force members, eligible Australian Federal Police (AFP) members with overseas service, and dependants and carers.

Any former ADF member who feels they may have health problems related to any aspect of their military service is encouraged to submit a claim. DVA provides compensation and income support entitlements, delivers health care and rehabilitation services, and fulfils Australia's commitment to remember and honour those who serve our nation. Further information can be found on the DVA Contact us page.

Accessing ADF personal records

Visit the Personal information requests page for information on accessing Australian Defence Force (ADF) Personal Records. Depending on where records are being retained, current ADF members may request a copy of personal records from their Defence unit.