The Australian Defence Force Rehabilitation Program

The ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP) has been developed to assist ADF members to return to a state of readiness as soon as is practicable after injury or illness, through the provision of occupational rehabilitation services. The ADFRP is a multi-disciplinary strategy aimed at maximising an individual's potential for restoration of their pre-injury physical, occupational, social, psychological and educational status.

The occupational rehabilitation of ADF members is not dependent on whether a member's condition is work related or on the existence of a compensation claim. The only eligibility criterion for the ADFRP is that the member must be eligible for health care under DHM Vol 1 Part 4 Chapter 1.

Further details regarding the ADFRP are detailed in Defence Instruction (General) Personnel 16-22 Australian Defence Force rehabilitation program.

Starting a rehabilitation program

Webform PM546, Request for Rehabilitation Assessment, must be completed and forwarded to the local ADF Rehabilitation team located in the Garrison Health Service. A referral can be made by a treating medical officer, self-referral by a member or by a member's commander.

Regional Rehabilitation Managers are located in each Regional Health Service and are responsible for the overall management of the ADFRP in their region.

If you require any further information, listed below are the contact details for each regional team:

Regional Rehabilitation Manager Region Contact
Tricia Clark North Queensland (07) 4411 2096
Jane Hayter South Queensland (07) 3332 4678
Rob Ching Northern New South Wales (02) 9393 2590
Kate Cox ACT/Southern NSW (02) 6266 2377
Paris Champion West (08) 9553 3484
Andi Crowe Victoria / Tasmania (02) 6055 4254
Sam Tibbits Central (08) 7389 8618
Teresa Neto Central (08) 7389 8619