Australian Defence Force Sport

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Sports Cell, in collaboration with the three Services, sets the strategic direction for sport in the ADF. This creates an environment for all ADF members to participate and benefit from sport as a competitor, coach or administrator, and recognises the inherent connections between sport, exercise, health and the overall wellbeing of ADF personnel.

Sport in Defence

Sport in Defence can take many forms. There are various pathways that include participation in civilian sport through to representing your Service and the ADF at national and international levels. Each service has a Sports Council to manage their respective sports programs.

At the ADF joint level, sport is managed by the ADF Sports Cell through 3 main programs:

Conventional Sports Program

The Conventional Sports Program is comprised of 29 ADF Sports Associations, with an estimated membership of 8,500 serving ADF personnel.

Each Association is managed by a committee similar to that of civilian sports associations. There are approximately 140 ADF Sports Association committee members.

The Associations build capacity, promote sport within the ADF and ensure that Sports Associations are appropriately meeting the needs of the ADF demographic now and into the future.

ADF Sports Associations normally conduct an Inter-Service carnival annually. Associations need to meet various criteria before being recognised as an ADF Sport

Adaptive Sports Program

The focus of the Adaptive Sports Program (ASP) is to support the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of participants and, through their stories, raise awareness of the issues faced by veterans and families and the life-changing power of sport.

Teams for the Warrior Games and Invictus Games are selected from the ASP, and the program includes domestic activities and camps.

Applications are open to current and former serving personnel from the regular or reserve ADF who have become wounded, injured or ill during or as a direct consequence of their service.

Both events play a critical role in the recovery of the competitor’s family and friends. A dedicated family and friends program including a full schedule of activities and events is included at both the Invictus Games and Warrior Games.

Invictus Games 2025

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open for competitors to participate in Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025. The Games will be held from 8-16 February 2025.

EOIs will be open until 29 May 2024 and should be sent to

The selection process aims to identify individuals that would benefit most from the experience in their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration efforts and considers attitude and behaviour, commitment, and sportsmanship. Selection is not based on the likelihood of winning.

Following the closing date for EOIs, a process of accepting individuals into the team will start. There are limited positions available for Australian Teams and not every eligible person will be able to attend the Games.

Unfortunately, many who apply will miss out, however, Invictus Australia encourages and supports all individuals who apply to re-commence or continue their journey toward life-long participation in sport. Other opportunities for competition and activities to participate will be offered, as well as a contact point to assist with exploring alternative opportunities.

Expression of interest forms for current and former serving competitors are available below.

Current serving members expression of interest form (PDF, 424.91 KB)

Former serving members expression of interest form (PDF, 427.08 KB)

For further information about the program and selection process, please see the document below.

Selection process, categorisation and pathways information (PDF, 558.34 KB)

Pacific Sport Program

Sport is a key aspect of enhancing our relationships in the south-west Pacific and offers opportunities to reinforce our people-to-people connections. Through planning and coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Pacific Sports Program delivers quality sports engagements that increase the capacity and capability of our regional partners.

For further information on the DFAT program please visit- DFAT - PacificAus Sports.