Member and Family Transition seminars provide information that will assist you to prepare for your transition to civilian life. Partners, families and support persons are encouraged to attend.

It is mandatory for members to attend a seminar within 12 months of their transition date. This will ensure you receive access to current information, guidance and support.

Seminars provide information on programs and services provided by:

View the seminar schedule.

How to register

Members can register through CAMPUS by searching for ‘transition seminar’.

Transitioned members, family and support persons can register by emailing

If you have questions or require assistance contact the transition team at


Seminars are delivered in a blended format of virtual and face-to-face events. Members and their families can choose to register for an event that suits their own availability and needs. There are three formats including:

  • Face-to-Face Seminar
  • Virtual Live Day (Interactive) Seminar 
  • Virtual Static Access (No Live Interaction) Seminar

The virtual seminar offerings are available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world.


ADF Member and Family Transition Guide (PDF 4.33 MB) Defence Force Transition Program presentation (PDF 493.28 KB) Defence Force Transition Program - Medical Transition presentation (PDF 493.77 KB) Healthcare presentation (PDF 1.27 MB) Joint Health Command presentation (PDF 1.23 MB) Department of Veterans' Affairs presentation (PDF 1.95 MB) ADFSCC Your Money and You presentation (PDF 856.76 KB) Being Retirement Ready presentation (PDF 1.49 MB) Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation DFRDB presentation (PDF 659.4 KB) Career Transition Essentials presentation (PDF 1.28 MB) Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation Medical Transition presentation (PDF 618.58 KB) Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation MSBS presentation (PDF 1.03 MB) Defence Community and Family Support presentation (PDF 943.77 KB) Total Workforce System - Navy presentation (PDF 2.02 MB) Total Workforce System - Army presentation (PDF 620.7 KB) Total Workforce System - Air Force presentation (PDF 1.39 MB)