Partner Employment Assistance Program

The Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) provides support and funding for eligible ADF partners for initiatives aimed at improving employability.

Support initiatives are customised to individual circumstances.


Eligibility requirements include:

  • the partner is formally recognised by Defence
  • the partner is relocating or has relocated to the current location due to an ADF posting
  • the member is serving in the permanent forces, is a Reserve member on continuous full-time service, or is transitioning for medical reasons.

Professional employment services

Professional employment services funding is capped up to $1,500. Partners may elect to use the Defence provider or a provider of choice within Australia (or a combination of both) up to the funding cap.

Job Search Preparation workshops

Job Search Preparation (JSP) workshops are at no cost.

The workshops help to manage:

  • career
  • skills
  • experience
  • build or refine resume.

The virtual workshops can be accessed from home or on a portable device. Participants will also receive lifetime access to an online portal containing thousands of career resources, tools and learning units to support career planning.

The workshops are comprised of 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Career insight and planning
  • Module 2: Personal branding (resume development)
  • Module 3: Networking and job search
  • Module 4: Preparing for interviews.

Job Connections

Job Connections is available to partners who have an up-to-date and contemporary resume and are interview ready.

The Defence provider uses the Australia-wide employment network to fast-track partners to interview, connecting to potential employers.

It is recommended that partners undertake a JSP workshop prior to commencing Job Connections to ensure branding (resume / LinkedIn) and interview skills are market ready.

Provider of choice

Partners may elect to use a provider of choice for employment services such as:

  • development of a personalised resume
  • employment options and job placement advice
  • job search techniques and strategies
  • development of an online employment profile
  • application and selection criteria coaching
  • preparation and presentation coaching for interviews.

Guidance for participants:

  • must use a service provider with an Australian Business Number
  • ideally contact 2 or 3 providers to make an informed decision about who can provide certain help
  • submit an application and be approved before engaging with a service provider
  • opt to have Defence pay the service provider directly, or pay up-front and be reimbursed by Defence with evidence of an invoice/receipt.

Professional re-registration

Partners can apply for the costs of professional re-registration fees, required under legislation to secure employment.

Partners are required to demonstrate registration was held in the same or similar industry in the former location. Reimbursement is available for the full cost of professional re-registration fees.

Annual registration or initial registration costs are not supported.

Fringe Benefits Tax

Payment of this benefit may result in a Reportable Fringe Benefit Tax Amount (RFBA) being recorded against the ADF member.

A RFBA will not be included as taxable income, however, a RFBA may be included for income testing purposes relevant to some government payments and entitlements that require income testing.

It is recommended that applicants seek independent tax advice prior to lodging an application. If an ADF partner and an ADF member agree to proceed with the online application process, they are confirming they understand that payment of this benefit may result in a RFBA being recorded against the ADF member.


Before submitting a PEAP application:

  • review the Partner Employment Assistance Program guidelines
  • decide which provider and services to access
  • gather details of the initiative and documentation required to support the application.
Partner Employment Assistance Program Guidelines (PDF 671.94 KB)