Webinar recordings

Defence holds webinars to support and stay connected with members and families around the world. Webinars are focused on the following topics:

  • From surviving to thriving during COVID-19
  • Deployment – embracing the challenge
  • Returning from overseas.

Below are recordings of past webinars.

Title Date
How do I support my loved one  8 Mar 2024
When Does My Loved One Need Help 27 Nov 2023
Managing Difficult Times Together 22 Aug 2023
Military life and your family 9 Feb 2023
Helping others and helping yourself 15 Jun 2022
Lifting the curtain: The military career, initial training to transition 25 May 2022
Crisis and recovery 4 May 2022
Strong family and strong community 13 Apr 2022
Maintaining mental wellbeing in difficult times 23 Mar 2022
Preparing for an overseas posting during the 2021/22 posting cycle 21 Oct 2021
Preparing for relocation during the pandemic 30 Sep 2021
Member with dependants (unaccompanied) 9 Sep 2021
Caring for you and your family during COVID 19 19 Aug 2021
Posted to the United States of America 4 May 2021
Overseas posting: Managing family wellbeing 18 Mar 2021
Education support for United Kingdom and Europe 4 Mar 2021
Posted to the United Kingdom 18 Feb 2021
Preparing for the unexpected: Coping in crises 21 Jan 2021
Adjusting to deployment 14 Jan 2021
Posting to the United States of America 10 Dec 2020
Making a new home: Integrating into the new location 03 Dec 2020
Posting during COVID-19: Managing quarantine 12 Nov 2020
Deployment: Preparing for the return and beyond 22 Oct 2020
Members with dependants (unaccompanied): Making a home in two locations 15 Oct 2020
Preparing for posting: Moving with a plan 8 Oct 2020
Members with dependants (unaccompanied): Communication, the key to living apart, together 24 Sep 2020