Health care transition

Australian Defence Force (ADF) healthcare services are not provided to members after separation, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Members are responsible for any costs associated with health care via civilian health providers.

Preparing for civilian healthcare is important for members and includes:

  • scheduling a separation health and dental examination
  • requesting medical and dental records
  • finding a civilian general practitioner and dentist
  • considering private health insurance and requesting a health insurance letter
  • lodging compensation claims with Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • submitting any Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation invalidity forms.

The Engage Health and Wellbeing site provides a directory of health care services and providers.

Separation health and dental examinations

Separation health and dental examination appointments should be undertaken 6 months before a separation date.

Members must nominate a civilian general practitioner, dentist and any required specialists. Members will also completed a mental health questionnaire, which may result in a mental health care referral.

Mental health treatment

Members receiving mental health treatment while serving, can arrange a transfer of care to the Open Arms program.

Additionally, the Better Access initiative provides Medicare rebates for mental health services.

Veteran Support Officer

A Veteran Support Officer provides:

  • personalised information and advice about DVA programs
  • help for you and your family to gain access to DVA health and wellbeing support
  • help to use DVA’s online services, such as making a claim using MYService.