Continuing to serve in Reserves

When transitioning from permanent or Reserve service, Australian Defence Force (ADF) members can continue to serve and stay connected to the ADF.

The ADF Total Workforce System allows a member to change their service category (SERCAT) and service option (SERVOP), including moving into Reserves SERCATs.

When leaving the permanent force a member will automatically transfer to the Reserve force if they:

  • are a Navy or Army member or Air Force officer who joined the permanent force on or after 1 July 2003
  • are an enlisted Air Force member who joined the permanent force on or after 1 January 1996. 

This does not apply to members who:

  • have not completed initial recruit, officer or employment training
  • are subject to disciplinary action
  • are leaving because of medical reasons
  • reach compulsory retirement age (65 years for Reservist).

A Reserve member has the opportunity to go on exercises, deployments, undertake training and continue their service career and promotion pathway, while in fulltime civilian employment

Continuing to serve in the Reserves makes it easier to stay connected to colleagues and maintain networks within the Defence community.