Children can be impacted practically and emotionally when needing to relocate due to posting. The disruption to schooling, friendships and routines can cause anxiety.

Preparing to move

When relocating with children, consider the following strategies.

  • Talk to children about the upcoming move, including the process and why the move is happening.
  • Involve children in the move process, including packing and decisions on where things will go in the new home.
  • Talk about feelings. This can be done through creative or outdoor activities.
  • Be positive and highlight the benefits of moving, such as new friends, activities and places to visit.
  • Recognise signs of stress, such as changes in behaviour or health complaints.
  • Provide security, stability and a friendly ear. Be available to children and maintain the family routine.
  • Celebrate milestones in moving, such as finishing packing or arriving in your new location.

Other programs

There are also a range of family programs and services that can alleviate the impacts of relocating on ADF families welfare and wellbeing.

Contact the Defence Member and Family Helpline for more information.