Deployment can generate many emotions for ADF members and their families - fear, anger, loneliness, denial, anxiety joy, relief and anticipation.

Contact the Defence Member and Family Helpline to support and advice.

Single parenting

Although the situation is temporary, there are emotional, financial and practical day-to-day adjustments families need to make when a member is deployed.

Simplify life as much as possible - try a family calendar, pre-planning meals and getting a cleaner.

Getting to know other military families who are going through the same experience can build a network of support for families.

Member and Family Care Plan

Defence can help ADF members develop a member and family care plan before they deploy, ensuring all important family information is in one reference document. The plan includes:

  • financial arrangements
  • home maintenance
  • medical needs
  • emergency plans
  • legal considerations.

Member and Family Care Plan (PDF, 489.48 KB)

The ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre has a budget calculator and a deployment checklist to help you with your financial planning.

Members are also encouraged to write a will and send a copy to Defence Member and Family Helpline. Members can get legal advice and referral options from a Defence Legal Officer.

Family benefits

ADF members who receive a family tax benefit, parental leave payments or childcare package must contact Services Australia when:

  • they deploy overseas for more than 6 weeks
  • they return to Australia during the deployment period.