Need Help Now?

Please call 000 for support in an emergency.

Defence is committed to promoting positive mental health for all ADF members and to enabling access to care that is recovery oriented. Early identification and access to treatment and rehabilitation for mental health issues are key priorities for Defence.

Mental health support is predominantly provided to members through the Mental Health and Psychology Services (MHPS) located on bases around Australia. Accessing support via an MHPS can occur by self referral, commander or manager initiated referral, or via referral by a medical or other health professional.

Self referral is where an ADF member contacts the service provider directly to obtain mental health or psychological services. Upon self referral, either by telephone, email or walk-in, you will undergo an intake assessment with a mental health provider either in person or over the phone. Defence members seeking to access specialist psychiatric services will require a referral from a Medical Officer.

Regional Mental Health Team Contacts

The following links provide details of services that provide 24/7 telephone and/or online support and counselling services for health and well-being issues.

These are not emergency services. For emergencies please call 000 (triple zero).

Fact Sheets on a range of health and well-being topics are available for your reference, and include information on where to find help and support.

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