1800 IMSICK (1800 467 425)

1800 IMSICK is a national 24 hour call service providing world class nurse triage and health support for all ADF entitled personnel within Australia.

From 1 July 2019, this service is provided by BUPA under the ADF Health Services Contract. 1800 IMSICK assists entitled ADF personnel to obtain health care if they become ill or injured after hours or are not in close proximity to an On-Base health facility.

To access the service, ring the existing 1800 IMSICK number 1800 467425.

Ring 1800 IMSICK if you become ill or injured after hours or you are not in close proximity to an On-Base health facility.

1800 IMSICK is not an emergency number. In an emergency dial 000. For administrative and general enquiries (eg. health care entitlements, invoicing and reimbursement) call or visit your local On-Base health facility.

Calls will be answered by 'call handlers' who are registered nurses from BUPA. They will ask the caller for some personal identification and geographical information including:

  • Name and date of birth
  • PMKeyS number
  • Base, unit and location
  • Your phone contact details.

Collection of this information will enable the 'call handler' to best assist you. Please be prepared to provide this information when you call.

You will then be asked to describe your health problem. You will be triaged by the 'call handler' in accordance with relevant clinical protocols which have been developed by BUPA with JHC input under a comprehensive Clinical Governance framework informed by best practice guidelines.

Depending on the health issue, potential outcomes of the call may include advice on self-care, advice to attend an On-Base or Off-Base health care facility or referral to an Emergency Department.

If referred to a health care service provider or facility, you will have the option to receive the contact and location details via SMS.

If advised to attend an Off-Base Service Provider, they may not have an arrangement in place to invoice BUPA directly.

On these occasions you may be required to:

  • Settle the account and seek reimbursement through your On-Base health facility, or
  • Request an invoice and submit it to your On-Base health facility.

Health care complaints and compliments should be lodged in accordance with Health Directive 914 Management of Health Care Related Complaints in the Australian Defence Force