Families with special needs

Defence provides support to members who have recognised family members with special needs.

Defence works with the Defence Special Needs Support Group, which provide a national support network for families who have special needs.

For more information and support email specialneeds.families@defence.gov.au.


Support may be available for educational assistance related to the special needs of recognised family, including:

  • therapy services for education progress
  • assessment and development of educational program
  • attendance at private school.

Find information about education assistance for children with special needs.


Defence recognises that relocation can impact families with special needs. During relocation families may be eligible for support, including:

  • pre-posting visit to the new location for direct contact with a department or institution is required prior to relocation
  • additional travel time and special transit accommodation
  • access to special equipment and therapy services
  • special education programs
  • consideration for additional housing support needs
  • valet unpacking assistance.

Find information about moving assistance for a resident family who have special needs.