The ADF Aware Program assists school staff to better understand the unique needs of children from ADF families in order to support them.

The program is delivered to school staff through 3 30min self-paced online training modules.

  • Module 1 - Introduction to ADF service and its impacts on students.
  • Module 2 - Impacts of ADF service on students and family life.
  • Module 3 - School support for students impacted by ADF service.

Each module follows a consistent format:

  • Chapter 1 - Overview and learning outcomes.
  • Chapter 2 - Content and case studies.
  • Chapter 3 - Activity.
  • Chapter 4 - Knowledge check.

Please complete the below form to request access to ADF Aware School Capability Building Program.

Once your application has been received, DMFS will provide you with the details of how to access the online program modules.

If you require any assistance with the access request form, or the program in general, please reach out to the ADF Aware Program at