Ways of working for service categories 6-7

Managing work and personal commitments

Juggling work and personal life can be hard and Defence supports Australian Defence Force (ADF) members to succeed at both. Defending Australia is a serious task. It is a task that can at times require personal sacrifices. But when it does not, Defence’s flexible working policies provide options that empower members to manage their work in a way that suits their individual circumstances. Flexible work arrangements could include varied:

  • ​work hours
  • work days​
  • work patterns (i.e. full time or part time)​
  • work locations​.

Members need to consult the relevant flexible work policies, and have a conversation with their commander about what might be suitable for their specific situation. Flexible work arrangements may be enduring for the duration of the role, or accessed on a more ad-hoc or casual basis with supervisor or chain of command approval.

There may be different arrangements for every role and individual within a team.

Holidays and time off

Defence provides generous leave to help members rest and have fun outside of work, as well as medical absence and carers' leave provisions. Many members will also have access to additional leave over the end-of-year reduced activity period. After 10 years of work members will be eligible for 3 months of long service leave.

Members may be able to access a range of different types of leave including, but not limited to, recreation leave, war service leave, short absence leave. Travel allowances can also be accessed alongside certain types of leave.

Work locations

As a large organisation, Defence has a footprint across Australia. Defence workplaces are as diverse as the members who work in them – from offices, to air bases, to science and technology labs. Defence is committed to continually improving the work spaces to make sure they are safe, healthy and reflect the way members work.


In a complex strategic environment, Defence needs unique technology to achieve its mission. Members have the opportunity to work on technology that won’t be seen anywhere else. Defence champions innovation, and works with industry partners and international partners to make sure Defence is equipped for the future.