Being part of Defence makes people a part of something special – a team defending Australia’s national interests. It’s a career Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families can be proud of.

Mission and purpose

When people join Defence, members become part of a team doing some of Australia’s most important work. They contribute to defending Australia and its national interests in order to advance Australia's security and prosperity. Their work, whether it be in operations, logistics, healthcare, engineering, supporting international engagement, intelligence analysis or policy, to name just a few roles, is crucial to Defence achieving its mission and purpose.

Roles and opportunities

Defence has an integrated workforce of ADF, Australian Public Service (APS) and contracted staff working together on challenging opportunities, from designing and building submarines to managing office accommodation across Australia and the world.

With this comes lots of really interesting opportunities, including working with other government agencies, Defence industry partners and allies across the world on a range of diverse and interesting topics.

Defence is also home to some of the world’s most advanced aircraft, ships, vehicles and weaponry. There are many roles in Defence which give its members the chance to contribute directly to these capabilities.

There are a range of new, unique and exciting roles, and Defence wants members to be working in a role that they are interested in. Grappling with some of the most challenging strategic circumstances Australia has ever seen, Defence is constantly looking for people who are interested in enhancing their skills and experiences by pursuing new opportunities.