Pay and financial benefits for service categories 3-5

​Salary and allowances

Reservists receive tax-free daily salary and allowances. Salary is paid on a fortnightly basis for the duty performed by reservists in that period. Reserve pay rates vary with each job, and are increased as reservists advance in rank and experience. The pay and allowances may change depending on service category (SERCAT) level, role and deployment status.

Defence also covers reservists' food and accommodation costs when they are required to travel domestically or overseas while on training, exercise or deployment.

Health benefits

Defence values health and wellbeing and provides free medical and dental care while on exercise or deployment. Those who are SERCAT 3 and 5 may be entitled to the health support allowance of $600 per financial year to help maintain the required medical standards. SERCAT 4 members may be able to claim some private health insurance costs (up to a maximum of $2500, adjusted to $1900 if the health support allowance has already been received in a financial year).

More information on reservists' health policy and benefits can be found on the Defence intranet Employee Value Proposition Hub.

Training and development

Defence invests in reservists' potential by providing funding towards a range of personal and professional development opportunities. Further information about this can be found on career and personal development page.

Employer support payment scheme

The employer support payment scheme provides financial assistance to employers of reservists, and to self-employed reservists, when the reservist is absent from their civilian workplace on eligible periods of Defence service.

ADF Reserves and Employer Support Organisation

The ADF Reserves and Employer Support Organisation supports reservists and their employers by providing resources, information and engaging with stakeholders to build relationships, awareness and understanding across the community.