Career and personal development for service categories 3-5

Training and development

Reservists bring a wealth of experience to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Defence provides unique training and development opportunities and offers new experiences to reservists that build on their existing professional experience, and supports their service and civilian career.

Direct entry reservists will receive initial training that is relevant to their role and service.

Further education, training and formal study opportunities are accessible to reservists. However, these must be discussed with the relevant Career Management Agency and commander to ensure that there is a need, and the reservist meets any prerequisites.

Some of the opportunities are listed below, and more information on reserve training opportunities is available on the Defence intranet Employee Value Proposition Hub.

  • Australian Command and Staff Course is a 47 week residential or remote course for mid-career military officers. It uses historical and contemporary events to test the relevance and applicability of military theory.
  • Australian War College courses including Advanced Technology for Strategists, Public Policy and Thinking Strategically. These courses may be attended by reservists, pending service requirements, pre-requisites and ability to attend.
  • ADF Training Centre offer a range of short courses collectively focused on the delivery of joint individual training. The Training Centre runs the ADF Peace Operations Training Centre, the ADF Warfare Training Centre, the Defence International Training Centre, the Defence Force School of Languages, the Defence Force Chaplin's College and Languages Other than English Capability Cell. These courses may be attended by reservists, pending service requirements, pre-requisites and ability to attend.

Other learning and development opportunities include a range of service specific leadership and management programs. Enlisted members should look at the Enlisted Professional Development Tool to identify resources that will aid in personal and professional development outside of service delivered promotion courses.

Members can also access online learning through a range of different tools and platforms, such as:

  • LXP - a personalised learning experience platform for learning anywhere, anytime.
  • Adele - an Australian Defence education learning environment.

Members can access relevant service specific professional military education platforms, such as:

  • The Forge is an online hub designed to help build and hone the intellectual edge of those involved in the Profession of Arms.
  • The Cove is Army’s professional military education platform.
  • Runway is a professional development portal focused on assisting Air Force members with their professional military education by providing daily links to relevant and up-to-date articles.
  • Horizon is Navy’s professional development platform providing access to professional resources and promotes discussion within the maritime domain.

Tasman Scheme

Reservists may be eligible to apply or nominate for the Tasman Scheme. The scheme is a bilateral activity between the ADF and the New Zealand Defence Force, which seeks to reward selected reservists junior officers and non-commissioned officers for their overall performance, dedication and commitment to reserve service. Selected reservists will travel to New Zealand for up to a 2 week secondment with a New Zealand military unit.

Career management

Reservists have access to career management services to ensure that their full potential is being used. These services support their movement between different ranks, roles and postings.

Reservists can also join the Defence mentoring program. The program connects mentors willing to provide support with mentees seeking support in career development, strengthening management and leadership capability, overcoming work based challenges, navigating transition and change and building professional networks.

For more information, members should discuss opportunities with their chain of command and relevant career management agency.