Joint Military Police

The Joint Military Police provide a policing capability to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Military Police work within the remit of law enforcement, providing mobility and manoeuvre support, security for ADF personnel and internment and detention operations.

Military Police have jurisdictional authority over all ADF members domestically and internationally. This includes ADF reservists when rendering active service. Military Police are authorised to deliver law enforcement, discipline, command and mission support, and execute search warrants in the course of their duties.

Contact Joint Military Police in the following situations:

  • Witness a crime committed at a Defence location.
  • Witness a crime committed by ADF personnel.
  • Report an incident involving ADF personnel.
  • Require support associated with an ADF member.
  • Require guidance regarding suspicious activity or behaviour of an ADF member.

Military Police enforce the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982. Military Police do this by patrolling Defence locations and attending Defence events such as air shows and open days.

Civilian police

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