Family and domestic violence support

What is family and domestic violence

Family and domestic violence is any act by one family member towards another that is violent, threatening or controlling. The act causes fear, making the recipient feel scared and unsafe.

Family and domestic violence can include physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, mental, legal, spiritual or financial abuse.

Family and domestic violence is not confined to any single gender, nor to opposite gender relationships.

Seeking help

Those experiencing family or domestic violence should seek help.

The Defence Member and Family Helpline can help violence victims develop a safety plan for themselves and their children.

The Defence Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office (SeMPRO) also provides immediate and confidential help to all members and their families impacted by sexual misconduct.

Deciding to leave

When victims decide to leave, or during a domestic crisis, the Defence Special Accommodation for Emergencies Scheme (SAFE) can provide short-term safe-house accommodation for families.

Defence strategy

The Defence Family and Domestic Violence Strategy 2017-2022 directs the priority activities related family and domestic violence services and support for Defence.