Strategy, Policy, and Industry Group

Strategy, Policy, and Industry (SP&I) Group is Defence’s key policy development function to protect and further Australia’s national interests.

The Group actively informs and influences Government decision-making and, in implementing policy decisions, provides critical support to military operations, Defence capability development and the achievement of broader national security outcomes.

SP&I collaborates actively with key agencies across government and has a rigorous internal contestability process to ensure their policy advice is firmly bedded within broader government priorities and resources.


AUKUS Advanced Capabilities Division

The AUKUS Advanced Capabilities Division is responsible for leading and coordinating Australia’s contribution to the trilateral development of advanced capabilities and technologies, commonly referred to as Pillar 2.

The division is focussed on accelerating capabilities into the hands of Military and strengthening the trilateral enabling environment to allow seamless engagement with our AUKUS partners.

Contestability Division

Contestability is a decision-support function, not a decision-making function. The Division contests programs and projects across the capability life cycle, including ICT and estate and infrastructure programs and projects.

Defence Industry Policy Division

Defence Industry Policy Division informs and improves how Defence approaches industry engagement. The division has responsibility for effective implementation of the government's approach to Defence industry policy and creation of a strategy-led program of industry engagement and innovation. The division also manages Australian export controls.

International Policy Division

International Policy Division provides strategic-level policy advice to the Australian Government on the central issues of Australia's defence policy, including international defence relations and ADF operations.

Office of the Chief Economist

The Office of the Chief Economist provides whole-of-enterprise advice and insights to support decision-makers and to inform discussion and debate. The Chief Economist team informs and shapes the advice provided to government, based on a deep understanding of fundamental economic drivers and trends.

Pacific Division

The Pacific Division provides policy direction and program delivery to deepen Defence’s engagement and collaboration with partners across the Pacific. The division also works with key regional institutions to maintain peace, security and prosperity within the region.

Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division develops policy, military strategy and strategic planning and advice for the Australian Government, senior Defence leaders and other government agencies on the strategic implications of defence and national security matters.