Joint Capabilities Group

Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) is a multi-domain Group comprising of Space, Cyber and the Defence Networks, while delivering Strategic Military Effects and Logistics for the Defence Enterprise.

JCG’s mission is to prepare Space and Cyber Power, and Logistics capabilities, in order to enable the integrated force in competition and conflict.

Divisions and commands

Australian Civil-Military Centre

Australian Civil-Military Centre engages with, and supports, government departments and agencies, non-government organisations and international partners, including the United Nations, on civil-military issues to achieve focused outcomes for the region and globally.

Cyber Warfare Division

On 23 January 2023, the Information Warfare Division split into two Divisions; the Cyber Warfare Division and the Joint Capabilities Division. The vision of Cyber Warfare Division is for ADF dominance of the Cyber Domain. The Cyber Warfare Division mission is to generate ADF Cyber warfighting capability to deliver decision advantage to the Joint Force.

Defence SIGINT and Cyber Command

Defence SIGINT and Cyber Command (DSCC) is responsible for ADF signals intelligence and cyber to support Defence capability and ADF operations.

Defence Space Command

Defence Space Command (DSpC) was established in January 2022 to deliver the transformational change needed across Defence to consolidate space capabilities and operations. DSpC’s move to Joint Capabilities Group on 1 July 2023, reporting to the Chief of Joint Capabilities as the space domain lead, is the first step towards a genuine service-like space capability for the ADF.

ICT Operations Division

ICT Operations Division (ICTOD) is responsible for the integration, operation, management and security of Defence's global strategic communications capability that enable military operations and support Defence business. ICTOD is also responsible at the strategic level to the Chief of Defence Force and Chief of Joint Operations for advice and technical control for the Command, Control, Communications and Cyber security in support of ADF Operations.

Joint Capabilities Division

The vision of Joint Capability Division is for foundational capabilities for Joint warfighting. The Joint Capability Division mission is to provide timely and effective delivery of integrated capability in order to enable ADF Joint Force interoperability and effects.

Joint Logistics Command

The Joint Logistics Command mission is to lead the coordinated delivery of effective and efficient logistics to enable Defence to train, fight and win. Commander Joint Logistics commands the ADF logistics information systems, the logistics network of warehouses, maintenance, distribution facilities, and is the Head of the Defence fuel supply chain.

Military Strategic Effects Branch

The Military Strategic Effects Branch provides support to the operational and strategic levels through preparation of strategic information activities and strategic targeting support. This enables management of strategic and reputational issues in order for Defence Senior Leaders to appropriately engage with government, other agencies, allies, coalition partners and also the Australian and international communities.