Defence Science and Technology Group

Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is the Australian Government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests.

As Australia’s second-largest national science agency, DSTG brings together interdisciplinary expertise from across Australia and around the world to address Defence and national security challenges. Their role is to work closely with the Australian science, technology and innovation eco-system to deliver scientific advice and solutions that provide capability enhancement for Defence and the national security community.

DSTG award-winning scientists work with their counterparts from universities, co-operative research centres, academies and industry to tackle a range of problems, across the maritime, land, air, space and cyber domains. Focusing the national science and technology enterprise in high priority areas for Defence ensures Australia is best positioned to deliver on strategic defence priorities.

Partnerships with industry and universities are integral to giving Australia a technological and capability edge. Through More, Together: Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030 DSTG builds a comprehensive, coherent and agile innovation system.