Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) exists to meet the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) military equipment and supply requirements as identified by Defence and approved by Government.

CASG is the key delivery agency for Defence capability and strives to:

  • reform, implement and embed the First Principles Review recommendations
  • improve our relationship with our owners (Government) and customers (capability managers)
  • improve our strategic level partnerships with industry
  • achieve full cost and performance transparency of our projects and operations
  • be recognised and respected as a global leader in defence materiel solutions.

Air Domain Divisions

Aerospace Systems Division

Aerospace Systems Division manages the acquisition and through-life support of selected aircraft and large remotely piloted aircraft systems for the ADF.

Air Defence and Space Systems Division

Air Defence and Space Systems Division was established in response to the continued growth and strategic importance of Integrated Air and Missile Defence and Space related capabilities.

Joint Aviation Systems Division

Joint Aviation Systems Division acquires and sustains helicopters, tactical level uncrewed aerial systems and pilot and aircrew training systems and aviation commons for the ADF.

Business Management Divisions

Australian Industry Capability Division

The Australian Industry Capability Division supports the Department of Defence in the implementation of government policy directions aimed at maximising the involvement of Australian defence industry in working to equip and sustain the Australian Defence Force. The Division further develops industry engagement by managing program implementation of industry insights, analysis and initiatives. 

Commercial Division

Commercial Division is an enabling function that supports Defence Groups and Services to deliver the commercial outcomes necessary to achieve the Defence mission.

The Division assists Defence manage commercial risk across the capability and procurement life cycle to ensure Defence meets its objectives maximises value for money and meets legislative and mandatory requirements.

The Division is also responsible for managing the Defence procurement policy, the ASDEFCON suite of templates, strategic panels and the procurement complaints scheme.

Group Business Management Division

The Group Business Management Division is responsible for CASG’s strategy and business planning. The Division oversees the provision of corporate services for CASG, and delivers specialised services to CASG, including International Engagement, Materiel Logistics and Engineering and Technical Support.

The Division also supports the achievement of the CASG Business Plan outcomes and delivers effective governance frameworks for CASG. The Division manages and prioritises the CASG Group Operating Budget in alignment with the CASG Business Plan.

Strategy, Planning and Independent Assurance Division

Strategy, Planning and Independent Assurance Division is responsible for ensuring that capability program delivery is set up for success, through collaboration in the early stages of capability planning and capacity planning.

The Division leads the program management policy and practice, and provides Smart Buyer and Independent Assurance services and consolidated performance assessment and reporting across Defence Delivery Groups. They also deliver disposal services across Defence.

Joint Systems Division

Joint Systems Division acquires, integrates and provides through-life support to a range of command and control, communications, satellite, tactical interoperability and electronic warfare systems.

Land Systems Division

Land Systems Division is responsible for the acquisition and sustainment of Land capability in order to enable the ADF to generate and support deployable Land power for the Integrated Force in peace and war.