Australian Defence Force Headquarters

The Australian Defence Force Headquarters (ADFHQ) integrates the Service headquarters staff and Vice Chief of the Defence Force executive staff.

ADFHQ enables a strategy-led, comprehensive approach to managing the ADF as an integral part of One Defence, delivering a more dedicated approach to managing joint capabilities.

Divisions and commands

Force Design Division

Force Design Division identifies emerging gaps, risks, issues and opportunities, develops and tests operating concepts, and proposes force structures and capability options that enable and enhance the joint force.

The Division includes the Force Exploration Hub, which collaborates to develop ideas and concepts to confront the future operating environment.

Force Integration Division

Force Integration Division is the authority for testing, evaluation and execution of Joint Capability Management, Command, Control, Communications, Computer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, supporting integration, interoperability and assurance.

Military Strategic Commitments Division

Military Strategic Commitments Division provides strategic level management and situational awareness of potential and current ADF commitments.

Military Strategic Plans Division

Military Strategic Plans Division provides a strategic military planning capability that complements the existing strategic framework, strengthens the strategic centre and enhances the link between policy, strategy and operations.