Associate Secretary Group

Within the Associate Secretary Organisation, the Associate Secretary Group provides integrity, assurance, governance and support functions for the Defence enterprise.

The Group manages senior committees, enterprise planning, performance and risk management functions. It integrates work across Defence to enable more effective and efficient outcomes, particularly in service delivery and reform.

The Group also leads Defence’s support to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.


Data Division

Data Division is responsible for implementation of the Defence Data Strategy and realisation of Defence’s vision to use data as a strategic asset by valuing, protecting and leveraging data for strategic and operational advantage. 

Data Division’s objective is to support other business areas  across Defence to better govern, trust, discover, use and share their data.

Integrity Division

Public trust and confidence in the integrity of Defence and its personnel is vital to the proper operation of government, Australia’s Defence capability, and protecting our national interests. Defence is committed to integrity, honesty and accountability across all elements of government and public administration. 

Integrity Division is responsible for Defence’s fraud and risk management via the Internal Audit Work Program, Integrity Policy, Fraud and Corruption Control Plan, fraud and corruption investigations and administering the Public Interest Disclosure Scheme.

Legal Division

Legal Division is responsible for the provision of legal advice and other legal services to the Australian Defence Force, the Minister for Defence, and the Department of Defence.

Legal Division is a future fit legal team adapting to unpredictable and complex future demands. The Division provides high quality legal services while proactively managing legal risk and building the legal capability required to support emerging areas of law.

Enterprise Transformation and Governance Division 

Enterprise Transformation and Governance Division is at the heart of Defence’s strategic centre and performs essential functions for the Defence enterprise across:

  • Transformation – driving the strategic transformation programs to ensure the Defence enterprise is able to face the challenges of the future. 
  • Evaluation – managing Defence’s corporate reporting arrangements and developing supporting performance management systems that provide visibility and guidance to achieve the strategic objectives set by Government.  
  • Governance – providing assurance at the enterprise level that enables Defence’s enterprise committees and supports Defence’s critical governance and risk management arrangements.

Ministerial and Executive Coordination and Communication Division 

Ministerial and Executive Coordination and Communication Division (MECC) is the central interface between Defence and its Ministers, parliament, the media and the community. 

MECC works alongside other business areas, providing strategic and coordinated media, news, freedom of information, ministerial, parliamentary, cabinet and coordination services to help Defence achieve its mission and to support our ministers and government priorities.

Office of Business Transformation

The Defence Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program is an Enterprise wide priority and a key part of the Defence transformation agenda. 

The Office of Business Transformation is driving the adoption of the ERP system, to ensure Defence processes and ways of working are efficient and effective. The Office of Business Transformation works closely with other business areas to support readiness and enterprise wide transformation.

Office of the Judge Advocate General

The Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG), established under the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982, provides oversight, accountability and governance of military discipline in support of Defence capability. 

JAG’s functions include making procedural rules for Service tribunals, providing legal review of proceedings, nominating Judge Advocates and Defence Force Magistrates and reporting to parliament on the operation of laws relating to the discipline system.

JAG is aided by the Chief Judge Advocate and Registrar of Military Justice who oversee the running of proceedings.