Defence mission

Mission and purpose

Defence's mission and purpose is to defend Australia and its national interests in order to advance Australia’s security and prosperity.

Defence serves the Government of the day and is accountable to the Commonwealth Parliament, which represents the Australian people, to efficiently and effectively carry out the Government's defence policy.

Defence achieves its mission and purpose through:

  • The conduct of operations, and provision of support for the Australian community and civilian authorities, in accordance with Government direction.
  • The provision of strategic policy, the development, delivery and sustainment of military, intelligence and enabling capabilities, and the promotion of regional and global security and stability as directed by Government.

Strategic objectives

Defence sets strategic objectives to operationalising the delivery of the mission and purpose.

Shape Australia's strategic environment

Australia is an advocate for stability, security and sovereignty in the region.

Defence works closely with other Government agencies and international partners to shape Australia’s strategic environment. Defence continues to expand its diplomacy, cooperation and capacity building activities, supporting shared interests with Indo-Pacific partners.

Deter actions against Australia's interests

Defence is strengthening its posture and increasing its self-reliance to limit foreign ability to coerce or use force against Australia.

Defence will continue to enhance its lethality and readiness, as well as improve the logistical support required for high-intensity war fighting.

Respond with credible military force when required

Defence is able to respond across the spectrum of conflict, including with credible force when required.

This includes supporting regional partners in times of need, and supporting civil authorities to respond to and recover from national and regional crises and disasters.

Priority activities

Defence prioritises the preparedness of capability to meet Government-directed requirements through the following activities.

  • Conduct operations and deployments to defend and advance Australia’s national interests
  • Be a strategy led organisation
  • Enable intelligence informed strategic policy and international operations
  • Invest in Defence people
  • Promote regional and global security and stability
  • Deliver future capability
  • Advance Australia’s prosperity