STEM Workforce Strategic Vision 2019-2030

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce Strategic Vision outlines Defence's shared aspirations to ensure the capability of meeting the challenges of the future.

Australia’s strategic environment is changing. The Australian Government is also investing $200 billion in Australia’s Defence capability over the next decade. To keep pace with these changes, Defence needs to continue building a technology enabled Australian Defence Force, Australian Public Service and Defence industry workforce.

As a significant employer of STEM skills, Defence plays a critical role in shaping the future STEM policy and conversation at a national level – but only if there is a national level approach.

Defence commits to take a cohesive One Defence approach to STEM through the implementation of the strategic vision. If Defence continues to carry on with the same path, the step-up that is required will not be achieved, external stakeholders will continue to find it difficult to engage with Defence, and Defence will not attract the talented workforce required to achieve the Government outcomes for the nation.


STEM Vision Strategy (PDF, 3.98 MB)