Defence White Paper

The Defence White Paper sets out a comprehensive, responsible long term plan for Australia’s defence.

The most recent 2016 Defence White Paper delivers on the Government’s commitment to the safety of the Australian people and to the defence Australian territory and national interests. The Government is investing in defence to ensure that we have the armed forces needed to protect Australia and to secure Australian interests in the coming decades.

The plans in this Defence White Paper have been cost-assured and externally validated. Australia’s defence strategy and capability plans have been aligned with funding. All elements of the Government’s defence investment are outlined in the 2016 Defence White Paper.

The 2016 Defence White Paper acknowledges the fundamental contribution that Australian industry provides to defence capability and refocus Defence’s relationship with Australian industry to support the plans in the Defence White Paper.


2016 Defence White Paper (PDF, 9.6 MB) 2016 Defence White Paper: Integrated Investment Program (PDF, 2.4 MB) 2013 Defence White Paper (PDF, 2.7 MB) 2009 Defence White Paper (PDF, 1.84 MB) 2000 Defence White Paper (PDF, 5.52 MB) 1994 Defence White Paper (PDF, 18.13 MB) 1987 Defence White Paper (PDF, 12.63 MB) 1976 Defence White Paper (PDF, 7.96 MB)

Additional documents associated with the Defence White Papers published in the past can be accessed via the Trove Government web archive.