2022 Defence Information and Communications Technology Strategy

On the 31 August 2022, the Assistant Minister for Defence and Assistant Minister for Veterans' Affairs, the Hon Matt Thistlethwaite launched the 2022 Defence Information and Communications Technology Strategy.

This provides Defence leaders and decision makers with direction and guidance. This will ensure Defence delivers mission capable information and communications technology to be ready to fight and win in the digital age.

The strategy is informed by the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, 2020 Force Structure Plan and Lead the Way: Defence Transformation Strategy, and is closely aligned to the Defence Data Strategy 2021-2023 and the Defence Cyber Security Strategy.

The strategy outlines four goals.

  1. Defence requires decision superiority, to empower faster, better, decisions in the modern battlespace. Defence will enhance human-machine collaboration to operate at speed against threats.

  2. Defence must remain connected and digital, even in degraded environments. Standardised and simplified approaches to ICT will be embedded, delivering secure, resilient, survivable and scalable ICT.

  3. To achieve these priorities Defence must transform its ICT to meet the mission, and invest in a highly skilled and capable workforce that is ready for the digital age.

  4. Success will be underpinned by strong ICT partnerships that leverage the expertise and experience of Government, industry, academia, allies and international partners to deliver Defence advantage, and contribute to Australia’s security, resilience and sovereignty.

The Strategy was released alongside the complementary Defence Cyber Security Strategy.


2022 Defence Information and Communications Technology Strategy (PDF 12.53 MB)