Independent Review into the Afghan Locally Engaged Employee Program

In 2021, the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Engagement in Afghanistan recommended a full and thorough whole-of-government review of the Afghan Locally Engaged Employees (LEE) Program.

On 10 November 2022, the Government appointed Dr Vivienne Thom, AM to lead the review. Dr Thom provided her report to the Government on 20 March 2023.  

Dr Thom made 7 recommendations to improve the design and delivery of the Afghan LEE Program, a number of which the Government had already begun implementing. The report also includes an 8th recommendation with 9 design principles for any future similar LEE programs.

The Government has agreed to all 8 recommendations.



Independent review of the Afghan LEE Program (PDF, 2 MB) Government response to the Afghan LEE Program (PDF, 673.84 KB)