Re-Thinking Systems Review

In 2011, the Secretary of Defence and the Chief of the Defence commissioned a review of systems and processes for conducting inquiries, investigations, reviews and audits in the Department of Defence.

The review looked holistically at ADF, APS and integrated workplaces.

The review was conducted in two phases:

  • an inquiry, investigation and review phase
  • an audit phase.

The report was approved by the Secretary in 2014.


Re-thinking Systems Review - summary of agreed reforms (PDF, 12.14 KB) Executive summary and Recommendations (PDF, 130.89 KB) Report on Stage A - Research and Analysis (PDF, 227.49 KB) Stage A - Annex A (PDF, 305.83 KB) Stage A - Annex B (PDF, 319.89 KB) Stage A - Annex C (PDF, 747.49 KB) Report on Stage B - Audit phase first report (PDF, 190.22 KB) Report on Stage B - Audit phase second report (PDF, 657.98 KB)