Explosives Act Thematic Review

The Director General of Explosive Ordnance of the Department of Defence, as part of their authority to act, is leading the legislative reform of the Explosives Act 1961 (the Act).

Defence is currently undertaking Explosives Act Thematic Review (EATR) to review the Act, its subordinate regulations (the Explosives Transport Regulations 2002, and the Explosives Areas Regulations 2003), and the legislative ecosystem in which the Act operates.

Defence applied to the Attorney-General to exercise the power provided under section 51A of the Legislation Act 2003 to reset the original sunsetting dates of instruments made under the Act, in order to provide sufficient time to conduct a thematic review of the Act and its instruments.

The EATR will take a number of years to complete but must be concluded in sufficient time to support the introduction of new legislation before the current legislation expires on 1 October 2024.


Prior to 1 October 2024 extensive stakeholder involvement and consultation is required with all Commonwealth, States and Territories, and industry stakeholders affected by the Commonwealth explosive regulatory framework.

Information webinar

Review paper

Defence has developed a Comprehensive Review Paper as a position paper for legislative reform, containing high level recommendations for legislative change.

The review paper is a point-in-time foundational document that canvases Defence’s initial analysis of core issues for legislative reform.


You can provide feedback and comments on the review paper by submitting the consultation feedback form (DOC, 58KB).


Round-3-Stakeholder-Consultation-States-and-Territories-slide-deck.pdf (PDF 1.15 MB) Round-3-Stakeholder-Consultation-Industry-slide-deck.pdf (PDF 1.15 MB) Round-3-Stakeholder-Consultation-Commonwealth-slide-deck.pdf (PDF 1.15 MB) Round-2-Summary-of-Stakeholder-Consultation.pdf (PDF 175.85 KB) Round 2 Stakeholder Consultation States and Territories slide deck (PDF 1.41 MB) Round 2 Stakeholder Consultation Industry slide deck (PDF 1.44 MB) Round 2 Stakeholder Consultation Commonwealth slide deck (PDF 1.41 MB) Round 1 Summary of Stakeholder Consultation (PDF 176.04 KB) Round 1 Stakeholder Consultation States and Territories slide deck (PDF 1.38 MB) Round 1 Stakeholder Consultation Industry slide deck (PDF 1.38 MB) Round 1 Stakeholder Consultation Commonwealth slide deck (PDF 1.38 MB) Comprehensive Review Paper (PDF 4.18 MB) Consultation feedback form (DOCX 57.79 KB) Engagement letter - Commonwealth agencies (PDF 207.15 KB) Engagement letter - States and Territories (PDF 207.44 KB) Engagement letter - Industry (PDF 207.97 KB)