Our finances

Defence grants and programs support and promote Australian Government policy objectives associated with Defence.

Defence issued grants or programs are supported by legislative authority set out in Schedules 1AA and 1AB of the Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Regulations 1997.

Defence regularly undertakes the following activities:

  • Provide regular and adhoc reporting
  • Transition of legislative requirements to Grant Connect
  • Develop grant submission and programs
  • Review of Grant submissions and agreements.

For a list of grant opportunities and recipients visit GrantConnect.

Defence has a responsibility to pay within 30 days of the receipt of goods or services, or a correctly rendered invoice, which is the latter. Prompt payment of our accounts allows Defence to meet its obligations under the Australian Governments Pay on Time policy.

As a supplier you may receive orders from various areas within Defence that use one or both of our procurement systems to purchase goods or services. It is vital that invoices are correctly rendered using the following Defence specific requirements:

  • A Defence Purchase Order Number;
  • The name of the relevant Defence Contact Officer, full telephone number and email address;
  • Date stamped or noted with date of receipt;
  • An Invoice Number; and
  • Description and value of the goods/services supplied.

Postal Address

Defence Accounts Payable
PO Box 800
Salisbury South SA 5106

For Submission of Invoices

Please email Defence invoices: invoices@defence.gov.au

The Department of Defence accepts, Visa and Mastercard (unlike your EFTPOS card, a Visa or Mastercard debit card functions like any credit card but provides direct access to funds in your deposit or savings account, rather than a line of credit) and American Express card for payment of Australian Dollar debts with an invoice value less than $10,000.00.

Government EasyPay Service Processing Times

Your payment needs to reach the Department of Defence on or before its due date. Government EasyPay is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Payments take approximately 24–48 hours to be credited to your account, longer on weekends and applicable public holidays. Payments made after 6pm Sydney Australia EST, on weekends or on applicable public holidays will be processed on the next business day.

Transaction Receipt

The Government EasyPay service will provide a receipt that identifies the payment amount that will be credited to the invoice you have nominated.

Defence Debt Pymt will be displayed on your Visa, Mastercard credit or debit card or/and American Express card statement. Please ensure you record the receipt number for proof of payment or alternatively print the receipt.

Refund Policy

If you believe you have made an incorrect payment, or have overpaid your account and are entitled to a refund, please email Defence receipting: defence.receipting@defence.gov.au

Web Security and Privacy Policy

Information about the Government EasyPay service’s web security and privacy policy is available on the Government EasyPay website.

Contact Us

If have any queries regarding your invoice or payment please email Defence receipting: defence.receipting@defence.gov.au.