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Important information for communities around Wide Bay Training Area.

2022 Ongoing Monitoring Report – May 2024 (PDF, 23.57 MB)

2022 Ongoing Monitoring Report Factsheet – May 2024 (PDF, 1.34 MB)

Investigations and findings

In September 2020, Defence completed investigations into per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination on and around Wide Bay Training Area. The investigations found that exposure risks to people, plants and animals were low.

Remediation and management

Defence’s management plan for the Wide Bay Training Area was informed by the outcomes of the investigations and reflects the low risk identified.

The management plan recommended that monitoring of PFAS should continue. Treating or removing PFAS from the area was not recommended.

Ongoing monitoring

Monitoring of PFAS continues through sampling of surface water, groundwater and sediment. Monitoring helps Defence understand if PFAS contamination is changing over time.

Defence will inform the community of the results and any changes to the management approach

Recent reports and factsheets

Detailed reports from the PFAS investigation and management program are available to download. To discuss these reports contact

Document archive

The Wide Bay Training Area document archive contains information about the management of PFAS.

This includes:

  • older community presentations,
  • investigation reports,
  • risk assessments and
  • factsheets.

Some archive information has been superseded by the recent reports and factsheets.

Documents Archive - Wide Bay (PDF, 204 KB)

Last review: 8 May 2024