Stage one of the Garden Island Recovery Program


Garden Island is located between Woolloomooloo Bay and Elizabeth Bay, approximately 2 kilometres north-east of Sydney’s central business district.

Stage One works of the Garden Island (East) Critical Infrastructure Recovery Program are now complete and formed part of a two-stage program of works at Garden Island.

Minor testing and commissioning is remaining for the Fuel Services ongoing.

Garden Island - Sydney, aerial view
Garden Island - Sydney, aerial view.

Community information

Defence consulted with local residents, statutory authorities and other interested stakeholders as part of obtaining Parliamentary expediency for the works to proceed under the provisions of the Public Works Act 1969.

Project details

Stage One involved the demolition of the Cruiser Wharf and Oil Wharf and construction of a new wharf. The project also involved the extension of an adjoining wharf to limit the new wharf's protrusion. The new wharf was equipped with a crane, engineering services and wharf furniture.

Activity Description Date completed
Element 1
  • demolition of Cruiser Wharf
  • demolition of Oil Wharf
  • removal of wharf furniture and portal crane
  • removal of shore engineering services
May 2020
Element 2
  • construction of new wharf structures
  • extension of adjoining East Dock Wharf
May 2021
Element 3
  • dredging seabed to increase depth
July 2019
Element 4
  • waterside ladders
  • fenders
  • bollards
  • first aid points and life buoys
  • general signage
  • wash-down space
June 2021
Element 5
  • installation of portal crane
January 2020
Element 6
  • electrical services
  • lighting
  • communications
  • security
  • compressed air
  • sewerage
  • fuel
  • fire-fighting water
  • potable water.
June 2021