National base induction form

The wellbeing and safety of all individuals on a Defence base is a priority for Defence. The base induction information provided below must be understood and acknowledged before accessing a Defence base location.

Base visitors must read through each step and confirm their understanding in order to complete the induction. Upon submission an confirmation will be emailed and saved in the associated ServiceConnect profile.

The confirmation is valid for 12 months and must be produced during each Defence base visit.

  • Current Introduction
  • Conditions of entry
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Registration details
  • Complete

Before arrival


Any person accessing a base location who is 16 or over, and has not completed a base induction in the last 12 months, must complete the following steps.

  1. Read the base web page for each location being visited.
  2. Read the national base induction information on conditions of entry and health and safety guidelines provided on this web page.
  3. Complete the registration details on this web page, selecting all bases that will be accessing.

If the visit is for a special event an induction may not be required. In this case the host will provide specific instructions.

Access beyond common areas will require an additional induction which will be provided by the host.

Submitting an induction confirmation form does not automatically guarantee access to the base.

On arrival


Visitors 16 years or older must present original photo identification (ID) issued by a government agency at the access control point. Note, if under 18 school ID is acceptable. Additionally, Australia Post digital ID and digital driver's licenses are acceptable forms of identification in some States/Territories. Copies of ID are not acceptable.

Access card

Visitors without a Defence Common Access Card (DCAC) should allow 15 minutes upon arrival to be issued with a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) at the access control point.

VIC access is valid for the day of issue only, and the VIC must be returned before leaving the base.


All individuals must present their DCAC or VIC for inspection, or use of the electronic swipe system at the base entry point. The card must be visible and worn on the front or side of the body at all times during the visit.