Gallipoli Barracks

About the base

One of Australia's largest military bases and the headquarters of the 7th Brigade. The units at Enoggera include armoured, artillery, engineer, signals, infantry, medical and other combat service support units.


Arrangements should be made with the Security Contractors and the Base team for large vehicle access.

With the exception of approved military working dogs and recognised companion or assistance dogs, no pets or animals are permitted.

Road rules

Speed limit is 40km/h throughout the base unless otherwise signposted, 10km/h in carpark and not to exceed 10km/h when overtaking formed military members.




Construction sites

Visitors are to report to the administration centre located at each site area. An area induction brief will be conducted by site administration staff.

Sirens will communicate information about the base security status and procedures. In the event you hear any of the following emergency warning tones, stop what you are doing immediately and follow the direction of your escort or ECO Warden. In the absence of direction, follow the procedures below and those detailed in the following pages of the National Base Induction.





‘beep, beep, beep’ tone + ‘alert alert alert’ voice command

Prepare to receive direction and maintain awareness.


‘whoop, whoop, whoop’ tone + ‘evacuate, evacuate, evacuate’ voice command

Exit building and assemble at predetermined assembly area. Remain at assembly area and await further direction.


Rapid short ‘beeping’ tone + ‘lockdown, lockdown, lockdown’ voice command

Follow the CLOSE procedure.

  • Close windows, blinds, doors and turn off lights.
  • Lock computers and put documents away.
  • Out-of-sight and minimise movement.
  • Stay silent and turn off phones.
  • Endure and maintain.

Stand down

Low-pitched ‘buzzing’ tone + ‘stand-down, stand-down, stand-down’ voice command

Resume normal activities.

Call 000 for life threatening, critical or serious situations

Emergency & Security: Duty Officer on 07 3332 7607 or 0438 710 603