Defence Intelligence Group

What we do

Defence Intelligence Group provides strategic advice, policy and intelligence to enable defence capability and national security priorities and supports strengthened decision-making in Defence.

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation provides geospatial intelligence in support of an increasing range of national security interests and Defence requirements. AGO provides a powerful intelligence capability that supports ADF operations, whole-of-government security activities and directly assists Commonwealth and state bodies to respond to crises and national disasters.

Defence Intelligence Organisation

Defence Intelligence Organisation analyses information on global events from a range of sources. It produces timely and accurate intelligence assessments to assist the awareness and decision-making of the Minister for Defence and senior officers in Defence.

Intelligence Policy

Intelligence Policy provides advice on a range of intelligence matters which have broad Defence, whole-of-government or international implications. Intelligence Policy facilitates the development of a One Defence approach to key intelligence policy issues, including reviews, legislation, international engagement and enterprise-related matters.