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Community Consultation

The Defence White Paper provides an opportunity for the Government to consult with the Australian community on important Defence policy decisions.

The Defence White Paper Expert Panel is working with Defence to provide independent perspectives on the White Paper's development.

One of the Panel's specific responsibilities was to lead a program of community and industry consultation to inform the White Paper's development.

The Expert Panel, led by Peter Jennings, held consultation sessions in each State and Territory between July and November 2014.

In total, the Expert Panel met with more than 500 individuals at various community consultation and major industry events.

The consultation program elicited some 260 written submissions from the public, industry and other organisations.

The Panel has prepared a report, Guarding against uncertainty: Australian attitudes to Defence. The report sets out issues raised by the Australian community at meetings held around the country and in written submissions responding to the Defence Issues Paper 2014 [PDF - 1.5 MB]. This report was released by the Minister for Defence, on 1 July 2015.