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Vice Chief of the Defence Force

Force Exploration Hub

ADF Concept for Future Logistics

The Concept for Logistics (CFL) describes the opportunities that will become available to the Future Force through technological developments, and the reforms Defence will be required to take to best deliver logistic effects in the future operating environment.

It was approved for the Australian Defence Force’s use by the Vice Chief of the Defence Force in November 2020.

The CFL considers the military problem of: How does the ADF deliver logistic effects to create advantage across the cooperation-to-conflict continuum in the Future Operating Environment, and how can the ADF work with coalition, industry and academic partners to counter threats to the Defence Logistics Enterprise (DefLogEnt)?

The future DefLogEnt must become survivable, assured, resilient and adaptive. This will be achieved with concurrent effort across four Lines of Effort: workforce reshaping and reskilling, force design, capability acquisition and sustainment, and interoperability.

In light of ongoing security threats, natural disasters and COVID-19, the Defence Strategic Update provides a substantial catalyst to push for a DefLogEnt that is survivable, assured, resilient and adaptive. Achieving this will require better use of data, new platforms and systems, and a technical control function able to synchronise the generation of effects. The concept is intended to be used by those in Defence, industry, and research institutions involved in operational planning, force design, force exploration, experimentation, and in the delivery of professional military education and training.

View the concept here.