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UXO Mapping Application Information

Map of Australia used by the UXO GIS

1 - Home Button – this will take you back to the Defence UXO Website Home Page.
2 - Search Address – type the address into the search bar and if the address is in the database the map will zoom to the address, highlight the lot and list UXO areas associated with it.
3 - Search Lot – clicking this button will allow you to select the required State/Territory and search on appropriate cadastral information. Further advice regarding cadastral searches is on this page.
4 - Show Area – this button brings up a pop up menu which allows you to display State/Territory; State/Territory Electorate; Federal Electorate and Local Government Area boundaries.
5 - Advanced Controls – this button allows you to access a Latitude/Longitude search function, a distance measuring tool and to clear the map of displayed searches.
6 - Toggle Legend – the legend is displayed in the bottom left corner of the map. It can be toggled on and off using the button in the top menu bar and by clicking on the legend title bar.
7 - Disclaimer – displays the defence Disclaimer and Dataset information and Attributions.
8 - Interactive Map - this is the main mapping area, you can switch between map and satellite background images, zoom and pan the map to navigate to an area of interest.