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Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Office

Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Office

SeMPRO provides immediate and confidential case management, support, information, and advice to anyone who has been impacted by sexual misconduct in Defence. We can assist current and ex-serving Defence personnel, including APS employees and contractors, ADF Cadets, and their families. SeMPRO also provides advice and information to assist commanders, managers, and other personnel to manage reported incidents.

Support, case management, and advice services are confidential. Clients determine the amount of information they share. All callers may choose to remain anonymous if they wish. The case management team can assist with strategies, such as help to support a friend or approach a difficult conversation, to promote the wellbeing of everyone involved.

SeMPRO’s services are accessible without making a report to Defence, the military police, or civilian police. Support and case management services without reporting an incident is called restricted disclosure but the same confidential service is provided to all clients.

Our case managers are health professionals with significant experience helping people experiencing trauma. We can help to navigate Defence and civilian healthcare and support services. SeMPRO is not an investigation service but can guide and support clients through reporting, investigation, and legal proceedings.

SeMPRO Annual Reports

The SeMPRO Annual Report summarises the services provided by the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office (SeMPRO) to Defence personnel

Victim focused, from care to recovery

24/7 Support service


1800 SeMPRO (1800 736 776)
+61 2 6127 1759 (Outside Australia)

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0429 600 800 (Limited to 160 Characters)
+61 429 600 800 (Outside Australia)

CallEmergency: 000 or local police