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Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities

The Defence Industrial Capability Plan introduces the new Sovereign Industrial Capability Assessment Framework to provide a repeatable methodology to identify Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities.

In approaching development of the Priorities, we focused on a definition of sovereign industrial capability around access to, or control over, the essential skills, technology, intellectual property, financial resources and infrastructure within our defence industrial base as required.

The initial Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities are the result of a rigorous assessment framework that looked at the strategic, capability, and resources dimensions of industrial sovereignty – and made judgements based on Defence needs. The Government’s priority is to provide the Australian Defence Force with cost-effective, cutting-edge capability while also maximising Australian industry involvement.

In this context, the initial Priorities will focus on areas that are operationally critical to the Defence mission; priorities within the Integrated Investment Program over the next three to five years; or those in need of more dedicated monitoring, management, and support due to their industrial complexity, Government priority, or requirements across multiple capability programs.

Priorities are described at the capability level with a focus on technologies rather than companies or products. This approach will encourage innovation and new developments across the Integrated Investment Program capability streams and individual projects.

Effective implementation of the Priorities requires them to be embedded early into strategic planning and Defence capability planning processes and across the Capability Life Cycle. This will be a core task of Defence Industry Policy Division.

The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities will be managed, supported and considered throughout the Capability Life Cycle and will start at the very beginning of defence planning through to disposal.

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities

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